Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blessings Flow

Wow! What a busy past couple of weeks we have had.

We have been preparing for the move.. we had a couple of "good-bye" dinners.. sadly, I didn't even think about getting any group shots... but we did go to Papas & Beer for a Mexican send away with some friends. Our friend, Lindy, told the restaurant it was Matt's birthday... so they came with instruments blaring and sang him the Birthday song.. and he got free dessert. Not sure how all of this came to happen... but somehow through the song, Matt got his ice cream smushed in his face by one of the Mexican singers. It. was. hilarious. Thanks Kelly for the pictures...

Through all these preparations, Matt's Grandpa, D-Daddy, passed away. He had been battling cancer for several months. In the last few months of his life, Matt and I got to spend some good time with him and Nana. D-Daddy was such a warm person and always made me feel loved as part of the Moore family. Although this may sound weird, I really enjoyed being a part of the funeral activities. The service was such a celebration of the life of a loving father, husband, grandpa, brother, and friend. And, it was so neat to hear multiple people talk about what a positive happy person he was... even when facing such a trial. I know we will all miss him for awhile to come, but what a blesssing it is to know that we will see him again! Here's a picture of him and Nana from our family reunion this past summer: It has been completely evident that the Lord's hand has been on us through this moving process. Last Monday, our house went under contract!! Incredibly, we had 3 different people interested in our house- it happened so quickly! We signed the contract the DAY before I left for Nashville- talk about perfect timing! We will miss our house, but are SO thankful to have a contract on it. Now, we can begin the process of looking for a house in Nashville!! Good-bye Greenville house!
The day our house went unter contract, I had been humming "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow"... then Matt came home and was singing it not knowing it had been stuck in my head all day... THEN, we went to Sonic for a celebratory Happy Hour drink-treat.. and we passed a little church on the way-- look at what the sign says!

Pretty awesome, eh?

I had to leave a day before Matt to go ahead and get to Nashville for an interview. We ate a delicious breakfast at Granny's house with Matt's parents. It was some good family time, but it was very sad leaving! So, I decided to pack Frankie up so I could have a companion for the drive. Wouldn't YOU want this sweet face riding along? The other big news is that I got the job I have been interviewing for! I'll be working in the ELP Real Estate Program for Dave Ramsey! I had my last interview Thursday, was offerred the job Friday... and will start the Monday after Thanksgiving! So, I'm soaking up this week of being home and waiting for the rest of the family to come (they all come today! Hooray!) I feel so blessed to not only have found a job so quickly, but a job I will enjoy with such a great company!!

Here's my new friend Dave.. we haven't been formally introduced at this point, but I'm sure this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Overall, we are just humbled by how the Lord is taking care of us and walking us through all these changes. We have SO much to be thankful for.

So, So, excited for my siblings to come in town today for Thanksgiving!! Lindsey and John have 'Baby G' in tow... they will find out whether it's a boy or girl SOON! And, I haven't seen Whit, Jer, or Bella since JULY. I need some of that baby in my life ASAP.

See ya next time!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The older I get and the more "life" I experience, it becomes very apparent the Lord loves to teach me patience! (admittedly, not a strength of mine). Matt will be the first to tell you when I get something on my mind I've got to go ahead and get it taken care of.... if I had a dollar for every time he's told me that I've got a "bee in my bonnet" I'd be a very rich woman. One of the best things about Matt is that he balances me out- he is the calm, patient, "thinker" of the relationship! Lately with moving, selling the house, interviews, etc. the Lord is really teaching me to just WAIT on him because his timing is always perfect. A phrase my dad says all the time (not sure if he came up with this or was quoting someone else) is "God knows where you are and what time it is." So, it is my job to be diligient in everything he's entrusted me with and leave it to HIM to work out the details and timing of all of our new developments!

Next week will finally be time for us to permanently re-locate to Nashville! Our house is still on the market (back to the whole "patience" thing), so we won't actually be moving furniture or anything big just yet, but Matt will be starting his new position the week of Thanksgiving and I've had several interviews with the same company, so Lord willing, I'll be starting a new job very soon as well! Praise the Lord that it looks like we'll be stepping straight into two incomes once we get settled!

We have someone coming to look at our house later today, so I must go clean clean clean! Here's my top 5 "Must Haves" for showing our house:

1. My Scentsy!! Linz gave this to me for Christmas last year and it is so neat! It's kind of like a flameless candle & you can buy wax cubes in different scents. Currently, I'm sniffing the wonderful aroma of 'White Tea & Cactus'... but I'm thinking of breaking out the 'Sugar Cookie' once Thanksgiving comes along.2. My Shark! This tiny little wonder is so great to tidy the kitchen, couches, or any other little nook & cranny. (and, did I mention it's PURPLE??) We were at Matt's grandma's one day and his mom and Granny could NOT believe I didn't have a dust buster... so off to Bed, Bath, and Beyond we went. For the record, Franklin is NOT a fan, so all "dust busting" must be done while he is outside!!

3. Clorox wipes. I can't tell you how FAST we go through these at our house (sometimes they are buy 1, get 1 at Publix...yippee!) They have been GREAT for wiping down the kitchens and bathrooms after we get ready and are trying to rush out the door before work. They have also proved handy on rainy days for wiping up the muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor!4. Orange Pledge. I know this is weird, but I LOVE the smell of this stuff. That's all.

5. Febreeze. Yes, it's good for spraying around the house to make it fresh... but did you ALSO know that you can use it to steam clean bedspreads, pillows, and couch cushions?? (I didn't until the lady at Macy's told me!) I've done it a couple of times with our couch and it works SOO well. You just turn your iron on steam, let it heat up, spray the cushion and iron (fyi, this is also a good steam facial). Supposedly this works to get out spots on things you can't actually wash... we haven't had to deal with that yet, but it seems like it would work. It makes everything smell SO fresh and really makes the whole room smell good!!