Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm 27!

Well, I have officially been thrust into my late 20's... but it's not so bad, I'm still the youngest on my side of the family. I'm the sole Boyd sister still holding it down in her 20's :) :)
My wonderful hubby showed up with this delish Whole Foods cake! Seriously, if you've never had a Whole Foods cake you need to go get one immediately :)

With this sweet boy around, how could the day not be great? Even on mornings when I'm dragging, the fact that he's so happy in the mornings is always a great pick me up. 

Houston, Mimi, and I did a little shopping....

Houston and Mimi made me some cupcakes.. he was a good taste tester! hehe jk

He had a death grip on that bowl of homemade icing. He's a child after his father's own heart (okay, and maybe his mother's icing loving hear too!)

We went to dinner with my parents at Bricktops! It was so yummy! Houston charmed the British hostess :)When the other hostesses started talking to him, he smiled so big and they all squealed. Such a lady killer :)

Me and the men in my life! I feel so blessed to have each of these people in my life! I am so very blessed! Here's to another wonderful year!


Spring has Sprung!

It has finally been consistently warm outside, so we've been able to be outside a lot! 
We picked up some new shades so he can be a
cool dude on our neighborhood walks

We are done with layers and layers of clothes! I came in from a run and heard Matt saying "Naked baby flying! Naked baby flying!" as he threw H in the air over and over. Of course  Houston loves this- he gets SO SO excited when Matt walks in the door every night because they have so much fun playing together!
His hair has gotten really fluffy this month!! The back sticks straight up and it's so cute! Right now his hair is looking kind of a dark blonde color!

We've had fun playing outside! This was one afternoon.. we were playing outside and waiting for Mimi to come over for a visit.

Breakthough!! He is now stable enough to sit like a big kid in the shopping cart! This makes doing big shopping trips SO much easter because his infant seat doesn't take up the majority of the cart!

I was a rookie at having a big kid in the cart.. so I forgot a toy! But, this onion in a plastic bag ended up being a great substitute. He crinkled that bag all the way through the store :)

Still sleeping with the lovey directly on his face!

Since he can sit like a big boy now, eating out is more fun too! We had a family date night to Mellow Mushroom and Sweet CeCe's! He really liked sitting outside on the patio and
listening to a live band!

Yummy Squash on the Mellow Mushroom patio.

He kept trying to grab Daddy's Sweet CeCe's! I can't wait until he's old enough to enjoy special treats with us!

He REALLY loves bath time these days. He splashes and plays with his bath toys! He would stay in there all night if we let him!

He's now able to play with some of the "big boy" toys he got for Christmas! This dog is so fun.. right now he just rides on it, but eventually he will be able to use it to learn to walk.

We went to Chattanooga to visit Great Grandma Houston!
 He looks to big in her lap!!

More outside play time! Matt and I were doing some yard work during his nap. Then when he woke up, he enjoyed playing on a blanket and watching Dad finish up the work!

We picked him up from the nursery after church and he had no pants.. I figured some sort of blow out happened but then the teacher said, "We took off his pants to change his diaper and he was so happy kicking around naked that we didn't have the heart to put them back on!" He might as well run around pants-less as long as he can! :)

Houston and I went to Huntsville the last weekend in April for Sadie's 2nd birthday party! He loves snuggling with Papa before bed time! This was a special time because since we live in the same town, Papa and Mimi normally aren't around for bed time or early morning snuggles :)

Lindsey and John have such a fun backyard! Smokey loves to play fetch- once you start, you're basically roped in for the long haul. Smokey kept bringing his fetch ball to Houston! He would plop it right in his lap or use the ball to nudge Houston's hand. It was so cute! Lindsey would throw the ball and Smokey would bring it right back to Houston! Houston just LOVED smokey. I think because when Houston's sitting up, Smokey is right in his eye line. Houston would giggle when Smokey came close!

Houston enjoyed Sadie's gymnastics party! He loves watching the big kids run around and play!

He loved jumping on the trampoline with Mimi..

And.. rolling around on the mats with Papa!

Such a fun day! Sadie has so many sweet, cute friends.

Happy 2nd Birthday Sadie!
(I think this was right before she
 touched the hot wax.. whoops!)

PS Linz is the best mom ever- pancakes with sprinkles, home made whipped cream.. even a pancake in the shape of a 2! so cute!


Happy Easter!

1st Easter as a family of 3 :)

Family selfie before leaving for church.

in love with the bow tie!

He got a little overwhelmed at the busyness of the church nursery hallway!! So many people!

After Church Papa & Mimi came to east Easter lunch and hang out. Houston loved watching basketball with Papa!

March 2013

March was a fun month! Mom's birthday was March 4th, so Whitney, Jackson, Bella, Lindsey & Sadie came in town to surprise her! Whitney was loving on Houston in the nursery hallway after church...

The morning of Mom's birthday, we rolled out of bed and brought her one of her favorite treats: Strawberry-Banana smoothie from Starbucks!

The boys hanging out at Mimi's house on her birthday!

The same week Houston turned 6 months! I snapped a
quick pic right when he woke up.

We celebrated 6 months by going to the Mickey D's
playground with Lindsey, Sadie, Courtney and Elijah so the
older kids could burn off some energy. 

All of us out to lunch at Chickfila- we are a rowdy bunch!

With all the family time, we managed to pass around a stomach bug. So, Matt had to take Houston for his 6 month appointment while I was sick. This sweet picture cheered me up when I was feeling terrible. Matt texted it to me while they were waiting on the doctor.

Beth time!

Enjoying out extra hour of daylight the first day!

All over the place these days....on 3/5 was his first back to front roll...he can officially roll across the room now- watch out!

We love books! Reading about Noah...

...And some farm animals while I cooked dinner. We love our books from Dolly!

Loves food and tried to get at it if you get too close! We
have to add in a few more things before he can
get chocolate chip muffins!

In love with these sweet feet...

..and this baby chub!! Also, we should mention we sit up in the tub now! I should mention on 3/3 he first sat up totally on his own!

Houston's Dedication

Feburary 24, 2013

"For this reason, since the day we heard about you,we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives, so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God..." 
Col. 1:9-10

Houston's Dedication weekend was such a special time! The majority of Matt's family came in town for it: Beth, Keith, Sarah, Drew and Granny! It was so special that Granny was able to make the trip! And, from my family my parents, Lindsey, John, and Sadie came. It was very special that my dad was able to dedicate Houston as well. 

Houston kept his little eyes locked on Dad the  
whole time he was talking! So sweet!

Such a special time to have his Papa pray over him

Houston got a little blue New Testament from the church and when Dad was handing it to Matt, Houston grabbed it with his little paw and carried it all the way to his seat! Strong Boy!

Matt's family after church

After church, Sarah and Drew had to head back to SC, but the rest of us went to my parents house for a yummy lunch! Here is Houston with the cake his Mimi got for him!

Photo with Linny!

He was hamming it up for Granny while she ate her cake!

I just love this little boy so much! I am so proud to be his Momma and I pray every day that he will grow up to know the Lord at an early age and that he will always have a sensitive spirit to the Lord's guiding of his life. I pray that he will grow into a leader and a strong man of God that will seek the Lord all the days of his life.