Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 2013

 July was a great month! We have been busy busy but made some great memories along the way!

4th of July Morning. Mom, Dad, John & I ran the Firecracker 5k. Matt & Houston braved the weather to cheer me on! 

My view when I met up with them after! Houston got his paws on a little American flag and he was going crazy waving it and yelling (a new skill he has acquired).  I love my spunky boy! Houston & I had plans to hangout with Matt afterwards at Crossfit, but it was raining & his gym is outdoors, so we headed home for some dry clothes, breakfast, and naps!

The rain let up later that afternoon, so Houston got to go for his 1st real wagon ride in Sadie's new wagon!!
I have never seen him so excited...his mouth was open like this the ENTIRE RIDE. We will have to get him a wagon soon!

(side note: It's such a shame my child is never happy, right?? Love his enthusiasm for life!!)

1st time I realized he's playing like a "big kid" Uncle John was playing with him earlier and taught him to zoom his cars around and make "engine" noises! Where did my little baby go?!?

He can push and walk with his puppy toy if we help him!

Meals are shirtless these days because he makes such a mess!!  This baby LOVES his food!

So maybe after a bath I let him play naked for a while- I just can't get enough of those sweet rolls & sweet smelling baby skin!

Chickfila Cow Appreciation Day!! This was our
 ticket to a free dinner, Thanks Houston!!

Road Trip to Atlanta to throw Sarah & Baby Stewart a baby shower!! He was ready  for a car nap after
charming some elderly folks at Panera

If you can't tell, the pregnant one is in the striped dress! ha! Sarah is the cutest, most fit pregnant mom I've ever encountered! I can't way to meet Baby Stewart soon!!

MVBC Youth Group Reunion. It was so good to see so many old friends! And meet Baby Lyla Lowery that Houston
and I "stalk" on Instagram and Facebook!
Just being Spunky at the Gorin's house in
 Huntsville on our way back home!

This kid gets funnier and funnier every day!

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