Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Matt!!

Matt Turned 33 on May 1st. It was a Crossfit Day... so of course he was excited to do this favorite thing on his birthday! ha!! When he got home from work & Crossfit,  we hung out with Houston a bit then put him to bed so we could have a delicious dinner!! I paid back the favor and bought him a Whole Foods chocolate cake! We had some steak and other things too- yummy yummy! When we were getting ready to cook the steak, we realized our grill was out of gas... #birthdayfail.  The Birthday Boy ran to Home Depot for another can of gas and we were in business!!

I am so thankful for Matt! He is such an awesome husband and Dad and I couldn't imagine doing life with anybody else!! Here's to another year together full of fun adventures together! 

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