Monday, July 29, 2013

June 2013

I feel like in June we turned a corner as far as activity we went from no crawling to.... ALL OVER THE PLACE!

This was where we were at the beginning of the month... no movement, just a plank style push up and some crying when he couldn't get where he wanted to go....

He was still working on feeding himself... for a while he was using the "two handed approach"... one hand to hold food and the other to guide that hand to his mouth. Meals were S-L-O-W :)

Plank turned into a backwards scoot and anything he wanted to take with him was drug in his mouth! Here he and Eddie were going for a scoot together. Eddie has QUICKLY become his lovie of choice. They are now BFF.

Here we are cooking dinner one night! He was teething and didn't want to be alone, so I strapped him in the Bjorn carrier and we cooked dinner together! I love this pic- he is such a funny kid!

Mimi and Papa babysat one night and Matt and I were able to sneak away for a dinner & a movie date night!

We've been enjoying pool time on weekends! I love my boys!

June 5, 2013- 9 months!

A little post-bath lovin'

We were able to meet up in Nashville with one of my childhood friends Mallory!! She and her hubby were in town with some friends so we met them at Burger Up for lunch!

Father's Day! 

Houston loves his Daddy! I told Matt to get ready early for church and I surprised him with breakfast at Frothy Monkey in downtown Franklin. We had never eaten there before but they had such good breakfast!

More family time in the park!

Sometimes when afternoons get long, we bang away at the piano.
He thinks it's so funny!! He will bang out a few
notes then look back to make sure I'm watching!

Skyping wtih Ma-Ma & Pop-Pop

He's now standing and "cruising" around furniture and toys! This was the first time he stood at his activity table and shuffled around to play with all 4 sides. Such a big strong boy!

Because of all this crawling around he was moved up Sunday School Classes! Goodbye Baby Bear  class, Hello Turtles! This was his first Sunday in the Turtles Class!

He's starting to get into trouble. I'm sure it will get old at some point, but I still think it's so funny when I turn around and he's into something funny. Here, I turned my back to set the table for dinner and when I turned back around he had unrolled half of the paper towels and was SO PROUD of himself!

This time, I was making brownies at Mom & Dad's house. Mom was holding him up while he was sitting on the counter... Mom turned with me while I put the brownies in the oven and while we weren't looking, Houston grabbed the brownie dough bowl and spatula and was trying to get a lick! Sneaky by!

Watching Daddy mow the grass out the playroom window....

SO GOOD at feeding himself now! It makes our meals less rushed because he can do it mostly on his own! Hooray!

Diaper changing is a whole new game... I have to be fast or he flips and crawls away
naked before I have time to blink my eyes! Love this kid!

My written milestone say:
 6/4 was his first "Army" style crawl
6/22 first Pull up to a standing position
6/24 first time with a "real" crawl on his knees
6/28- First side-step walking while holding onto the activity table

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